Live from Cannes: Reflecting on the Get Me Canned Experience

live from cannnes 15-02

Get Me Canned Winner, Lucy Magem, reflects on her week in Cannes.

CANNES LIONS 2015…..where to start after what feels like a whirlwind of a trip and some serious post-Cannes blues setting in. It is proving difficult to describe my experience in just a few sentences but I will try!

The first thing to mention is that all my expectations were completely blown out of the water. From the scale of the Palais des Festivals, to the array of amazing work shortlisted, to the hundreds of inspirational people present, it was all much bigger and better than I ever anticipated! I felt like a human sponge for five days as I tried to absorb everything being discussed and going on around me.

All of the seminars I attended were fantastic. Many made me feel inspired whilst others made me feel more equipped to tackle some of the issues my own clients face. Just being able to listen to the thoughts of speakers from Tim Berners Lee, Jamal Edwards or Samantha Morton was a real privilege. One of the most enlightening sessions I attended, was the AKQA seminar which announced the five winning students from universities around the world (and out of 1,800 applicants) of the Future Lions competition. Their ideas and tenacity were truly inspiring and made me feel, in perhaps a surprising way, very proud.

Evening entertainment was also exceptional with numerous drinks, evening seminars or yacht parties to choose from, the only negative element was the serious FOMO that we all felt each night as we decided what to do next!

Finally, just being able to spend time with the other Get Me Canned winners and our mentors, was a great opportunity and a lot of fun! From day one, I counted myself very lucky to have been given the opportunity to attend Cannes Lions 2015. Now that feels like it doesn’t quite do it justice. I would urge anyone who is able to, to apply for Get Me Canned every year so they can experience one of the best weeks ever as well!




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