Live from Cannes: 5 Things I learnt today

live from cannnes 15-02

Our Get Me Canned Winner, Susie, fills us in on five things she has learned on day two in Cannes.

It was an emotional roller coaster today, kicking off with an incredible talk from Sir Tim Berners Lee, an inspiring talk from Jamie Oliver  (yes I cried), and then a q and a with TBL, Hugh Cameron and Mark Holden.  Great day at the office.

1. Girls, get coding.

While Jamie Oliver made cooking OK for the lads, Sir Tim Berners Lee made coding OK for the ladies. With women rising to the top of the agenda this year in Cannes, its no surprise the point came up in the q and a.  The final nugget of wisdom in answer to our own Hugh Cameron’s question about the skills that kids should have, Sir Tim told us women all to get coding. Hanging off every word we made a beeline for the Google beach for a quick lesson in coding, via a postcard (Sir Tim would have sent an email but we didn’t invent the WWW so just sayin).

2. 47% of jobs will be at risk with the rise of AI.

There is naturally a lot of trepidation around AI. Beyond data privacy, letting a VPA make decisions for us and being  outsmarted by a machine, you can’t help wonder when someone will raise the question of our professional futures. Although we love to openly embrace change, in reality we are a lot more wary. Having heard so many interesting thoughts on the subject,  it wasn’t until I read Sentience in a quick shade break that I realised the reality of the revolution ‘passing through our back  yard’ and wondered if being a hairdresser was a more future proof career. Thankfully Mark Holden champions the view that the human decision making filter will continue to play a valuable role. I think we’re safe….

3. We should value our personal data more. But not too much or the world would be “bloody boring”.

Sir Tim made an eye opening point about the value of personal data. Not to marketers, but to us as individuals. In his words, the medical data about his food intake and exercise patterns may be interesting to health professionals but the real value is in us living a  longer, healthier and more productive life. In contrast,  Jamie Oliver gave us a refreshing summary of  an Essex man’s view on all of this. As an essexonian I understood his message loud and clear, biometric data apps are great but let’s not measure too much or the world will be bloody boring.

4. Last year was the first year more people were at risk from dying from overconsumption than at risk from dying from starvation.

When a cheeky chappy tells you that you realise how much one person can instigate social change. I mean I for one never knew dinner could be cooked in 30 minutes (he has someone to do the washing up right?). But when a speaker interrupts their interviewer to tell 2,000 people about the value of mandating food education as a child’s human right you know the talk is driven by passion and nothing else. One question I would love to have seen Jamie ask Tim was: we’re fixated on what kids eat and marketing to them but none of us know the reality to what they’re doing. At what stage can we,or should we start to measure this.


5. Cannes is one of the most open and tolerant  places I’ve been.

But when Jamie says don’t lie as a brand he really means it. In a Liam Neeson turn, he told us “lie as a brand and we will find you, we will get you, we will batter you.” Are we talking beer batter or tempura? In all seriousness though a valuable message from someone that values the integrity of consistency,  beautiful food and using a magi mix for everything but making a cup of tea. Refreshing to hear that he appreciates the value of chocolate as honest marketers, it’s a beautiful thing and as long as it doesn’t try to be anything else it retains its magic.

6. Simon Harwood is a magician (he said hustler, that sounded a bit gangster)

Someone once told me to exceed expectations so yes ive gone for six not five.
In a brief brain break, Simon showed us the things he learned at the Google beach after we left and he seemingly became BFFs with a children’s entertainer. Ask him about rearranging coins and he’ll show you, don’t expect to get all those coins back mind.



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