Live from Cannes: Today I met

live from cannnes 15-02

Get me Canned Winner, Susie Milburn, writes about who she met on Day 2 of the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Today I met…

A lot of folk actually.  Colleagues, industry bods, speakers, Busta Rhymes, Adrian Grenier, the list goes on. But most importantly the other Young Lions. A pretty impressive sea of people.

This is an astounding place but what strikes me is the number of young people given the opportunity to take it all in. So much to learn; and you can’t help but worry about all the people missing out on the amazing talks, sitting on yachts sippin’ on rose  (we have done that too, not with Busta though).

Anyway, got to dash, just found out Evan Speigel is year younger than me so I’ll be back to founding my revolutionary social media platform (and in case you were wondering he drew the logo himself and none of the other top apps were yellow so made sense).



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