Live from Cannes: Marilyn Manson

live from cannnes 15-02

Our Get Me Canned winner Becci gives her view of the 9th Annual Grey Music seminar featuring Marilyn Manson on Day 2 of The Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Today, I went and saw the 9th Annual Grey Music seminar which featured Marilyn Manson. As the palest person at PHD, with a real commitment to an all black wardrobe, there was a feeling of getting to meet my spirit animal. This was perhaps epitomised by his statement “if you do your job in the daytime you can still be Dracula at night”.

Much of what was discussed during the seminar centred around Manson as the last remaining rockstar, what makes him creative and the ‘Marilyn Manson’ brand.

Turns out, Marilyn Manson is pretty aware of the importance of ‘brand’ to sell his music. He had created his name and outfits before he had even wrote a single song. The importance of these strands to his persona were amplified by his claim that he wasn’t worried his image would overshadow his music, he was worried his music would overshadow his image.

My key take-out from this session to apply to the brands I work on is that it is important to consider the perception of the fan base. People need to be able to believe in a brand. Manson said brands “must stay true to themselves but also need to keep evolving – they must not get lazy enough to rely on their ‘fan base’ and should be focused on getting new people to love them”.

We know brands want to gain new ‘fans’, but do they ever really take the risk and evolve to open themselves up to a new audience?

Also, that rib removal thing – not true.


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