Live from Cannes: 5 things I learnt today

live from cannnes 15-02

Our Get Me Canned Winner Lucy fills us in on five things she has learned on day two in Cannes.

  1. Evan Spiegel from Snapchat, shared that despite all the new innovation thathappens behind closed doors at Venice Beach, only 1-2% of products are actually released. Not only this but vertical video has 9 times the completion rate of horizontal.
  1. Only 6% of the top 250 films of 2013 were directed by woman. Actress and director Samantha Morton, urged us to play a part in the’ global cultural mission for female equality’. Oh and she’s not that keen on Tom Cruise, he is just another actor after all.
  1. Data doesn’t just make marketing more efficient and effective, it is the new medium. From enabling cars to talk in Japan to helping create Poibot, which Tweets for you when you’re busy or even asleep, data is thought to be the new source of creativity.
  1. With Twitter we learnt to be prepared for the lightening strikes of sporadic and intense events, but also not to dismiss the cyclical everyday moments, which we can also tap into. Both of these will enable us to enhance the Power of #Now.
  1. Only 35% of Cannes delegates this year are women, despite a 100% Get Me Canned delegate rate!

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