PHD Introduces…Andreas Frangeskides



Andreas Frangeskides

WHAT DO YOU DO? (in 10 words or less)

I’m a Digital Strategist working on the Cadbury’s Chocolate account.

Are you on Twitter?

Sure am: @frangeskides

Would you rather not need sleep or not need food? And why?

Not need sleep, its redundant really and I do my best work around 1 am. Food feeds the soul J

Would you rather sing everything you say or hear everyone else in song? And why?

I’d rather everyone hear me’s because I have a nice voice :p

Would you rather eat a church made of cheese or eat a football stadium made of ham?

Definitely the ham – more protein rich plus – a little cheese goes a long way, a lot of ham makes me happy inside!

What’s your party trick?

I tend to be the one asleep on the sofa whilst the party is going on around me. Does that count?

We’re going to the pub, what would you like?

Scotch on the rocks !

Do you have a nickname?

Dre, Dre Dre, Drizzle, A Dog

What’s the strangest talent you have

I’m a damn good whistler

Do you have any strange phobias?

Massive spiders suck


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