Expedia and PHD partner for newsbrands’ first Day of influence

A media first for newsbrands will see Expedia.co.uk run a multi-platform campaign to promote tourism back to the Philippines in the first ever Day of influence tomorrow, Friday 29 August.

UK national newspapers have united to create their very own Super Bowl moment for the first time – a ‘Day of influence’ – giving advertisers the opportunity to reach an audience of 20 million people in one day.

In an unprecedented move, six leading newspaper groups have collaborated to create a unique package that brings together all of their platforms on a single day. A competition, devised by Newsworks, offered agency planners the chance to win the ‘Day of influence’ package for an idea or campaign that could be transformed by influencing 20 million people.

Emma Callaghan, press account director at Omnicom Media Group’s PHD, pitched Expedia’s idea to support the recovery of tourism to the Philippines following the devastation of typhoon Haiyan at Newsworks’ Shift 2014 conference earlier this year.

Callaghan, shortlisted as a ‘Rising Star’ in this year’s Media Week Award’s agency category, captured the audience’s attention, explaining how she and Expedia.co.uk devised the idea, which focuses on the power of tourism to change a country’s fortune and future.


Expedia wants to use its scale and influence to help countries in distress. The 2013 typhoon in the Philippines affected 14 million people and continues to have a huge impact. The ‘Travel That Matters’ campaign will use the Day of influence to raise awareness and encourage holiday-goers to re-consider the Philippines, while knowing they will make a difference to the country’s recovery.

“When 8% of the GDP and 2.9 million jobs depend on tourism, the recovery of the tourism industry is vital to the country’s overall recovery. Simply by holidaying there you can make a difference and support the recovery from this tragedy. So this campaign aims to increase consideration of the Philippines as a holiday destination and to show through the personal experiences on travelthatmatters.co.uk that the people of the Philippines welcome tourism”, commented Mel Stonier, senior marketing manager, Expedia.co.uk.

In partnership with the Philippines Tourist Board and the Habitat for Humanity charity, Expedia, PHD and Ogilvy have created a powerful multi-platform newsbrand campaign, supported by a travelthatmatters.co.uk microsite, which hosts blogs and key facts, as well as information about how a trip to the Philippines will help the country, along with direct links to donate and book.

The Expedia.co.uk campaign, worth £600,000, will run across all major UK newsbrand platforms – print, tablet, online and mobile – on Friday 29 August 2014 in the Guardian, i, The Independent, Evening Standard, The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Times and The Telegraph.


In addition, Expedia will donate £100 to Habitat for Humanity’s work in the Philippines for every flight+hotel booking from 29 August to 31 December 2014.

Emma Callaghan, press account director at PHD Media, said: “Newsworks’ Day of influence competition has been an incredible experience and journey – from winning at the Shift conference in April, through to finally seeing the campaign run across multiple newsbrand platforms on 29 August. I’m thrilled that the Expedia Philippines project has been given a voice, thanks to newsbrands and Newsworks, and I can’t wait to see the results from the day.”

Vanessa Clifford, deputy CEO at Newsworks, said: “The newspapers have collaborated and are providing clients with an opportunity to reach a huge and engaged audience in one go with the Day of influence package. PHD and Expedia’s idea really resonated with the judges and the audience at Shift 2014 for the way in which it encompassed all platforms and demonstrated a real chance to make a difference. And while this is the first use of the Day of influence, I’m sure it won’t be the last.”

Read more on the Day of influence and see Emma’s pitch: http://www.newsworks.org.uk/influence


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