Live from Cannes : Today I met…

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Our Get Me Canned winner Natasha tell us about who she met at The Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Apart from the recognisable revellers roaming around the croisette over these past few days the most pertinent person I have met whilst at Cannes was not Kanye, but Omar Johnson, Executive Vice President of Beats Electronics.


So I would like to say that Omar and I went for an ice cold McCafe Frapp and shared a pun or two but that would be a lie.  I did however attend his very inspiring seminar on ‘Building a 3 billion dollar brand’. In which Omar shared a candid insight into their unimaginable success and how fearless endeavour and strong cultural foundations have built the super-brand we see today.  I assure you if you had any doubts over Apples recent $3bn acquisition you would be pretty convinced after 10 minutes of listening to this guy.

Beats have successfully injected their brand with culture (hip hop, music, fashion), redefined the category and coined a marketing playbook for this generation.

These headphones have become the ‘choice of the best’ with celebrities happily endorsing the brand off their own backs.

The creation of culture around sound. 

This infusion with culture is the essence of the Beats brand- it’s who they are, what they stand for and how they work.

Omar – ‘We find conversations and a way to infuse our voice within relevant and adjacent culture.’

Reactive, real time marketing are the  key cornerstones of their communications strategy. Temple discussed how they perceive different mediums as equals; executing in real time whether that be anything from TV to social.

James Temple – ‘Creating content at the speed of culture.’





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