Live from Cannes : 5 things I learned today

Live from Cannes logo

Our Get Me Canned Winner Natasha fills us in on five things she learned in Cannes.


1) Inglorious Fruit – A glorious campaign to support the fight against food waste.  Intermarche knocked 30% off a new line of non-calibrated and imperfect fruit and veg, and launched a global campaign focusing on the true inner beauty of this produce – from a ridiculous potato to a hideous orange.

2) Apart from the questionable quotes, Kanye’s appearance at Cannes was well worth a watch.  He disclosed his sheer admiration for Steve Jobs, his views on the Internet, brand collaboration  and also slipped in a few cheeky comments about his new other half- Kimmy K.

3) Collaboration in the form of design, technology and authentic brand culture is the true recipe for future lucrative brands.

4) Peruvian brand Dukto won a Bronze Lion within the press category for their drain opener campaign (exciting I know). The campaign exhibited the impact of epic creative and the power that static media can have when well executed.

5) Collided with a fellow omg’er, only Rosa from google squared! We discussed  the growth of YouTube skippables and the inevitable promise of meeting at the gutter bar. No doubt later we will be discussing the rise of MJ and the extortionate price of the vodka this evening…



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