Live from Cannes : 5 things I learned today

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Our Get Me Canned Winner James fills us in on five things he learned on day three in Cannes.


1. Courtney Love couldn’t stress enough the importance of a mentor in any field. Her master artisan was Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) who produced her record Pretty on the Inside. This was Courtney Love’s first major release with her band Hole, it was received with critical acclaim. Kanye West made a similar point and commented on the fact that he probably wouldn’t be where he is today without the guidance of his mentor Jay Z.

2. Armando Ianucci said don’t invite criticism or suggestions through social media. He used a quote from his show ‘The Thick of It’. “It’s like opening a door to a room where everybody tells you how shit you are!”

3. Corona won a gold award for their Luna campaign. The aim was to promote Corona, usually associated with sunny daytime beach scenes as evening drink also. Corona and ad agency Cramer-Krasselt put up billboards in New York which on certain nights of the month and from a certain angle, makes the crescent moon look like the renowned slice of lime resting in a Corona bottle.

4. I really loved this outdoor ad from Harley Davidson and Y&R Prague (it won a bronze award at the festival). The most iconic brands are imbued with stories that address acute contradictions in society. There has been a theme of storytelling throughout the whole festival and this has been my favourite…

james hawkins 5 things I learned today

The poster reads…

They didn’t know right from wrong. Luckily, they didn’t know an exhaust pipe from a heater.

During the Second World War, Czech riders dismantled their bikes and hid them amongst household objects so they wouldn’t be confiscated and used to continue fuelling the Nazi war machine.

These ‘parted out’ bikes became a symbol of hope that one day freedom would prevail and they could be put back together to reclaim their rightful home on the open road.
5. Ralph Fiennes spoke incredibly highly of the Guardian. The actor has a huge admiration for Alan Rusbridger and the newspaper after it broke the Edward Snowden story about state surveillance. He called the Guardian “courageous and inspiring”, in contrast he commented on the the lack of press freedom in Russia for example, he said there was “something worrying about the way the press has had its spine snapped”. Also, on a recent trip to Russia he had been asked sign a written requirement not to employ a homosexual director nor film any gay subject matter. “I knew there was a disturbing level of homophobia, but this written requirement I found profoundly disturbing,” he even said… “I’m afraid I laughed, as you do when you discover something really shocking.”


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