Live from Cannes: Today I met…

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Our Get Me Canned winner James tells us about who he met in Cannes yesterday.

Today I met the most powerful arm ever invented (Although we didn’t shake hands).

Strong arm

The main aim of Save Our Son’s campaign was to raise awareness on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and get the Australian Government to act in support of finding a cure. The secondary goal was to raise $1.75m and call for the Government to match these funds.

The main target group was mothers aged 25-35 who were more likely to have an emotional connection with the campaign and as a result would sign the petition via Facebook. The bionic arm would then sign in the handwriting of Jacob Lancaster, who suffers from DMD. The signature was then posted on the original signer’s wall. This way, all friends were aware of the good deed and acted as a motivator for people to sign.

Accordingly television shows and talk radio featuring strong, emotional and editorial content were selected. On and offline PR brought the story onto television, newspapers, radio, and blogs. This PR effort was combined with a limited run of YouTube and search media against terms that matched the intended audience of mothers and young females. All of this, plus Facebook’s inherent social spread, drove the audience to the live experience online.

The Most Powerful Arm proved to be a revolutionary campaign. Over 32,000 signatures were collected for the petition (from 85,000 visitors who visited the website). As a result, it became the most successful health related petition in Australian history. It was also the first Facebook-enabled petition submitted to the parliament which previously had only accepted hand-written signatures. Although gathering money was not a direct goal, a button on the micro-site enabled people to donate. As for the initial objective of reaching the Government – the Australian Senate has discussed the cause in a first round and two senators have agreed to champion the cause.

Collaborating with DCM in the UK. The bionic arm will now be given a home in a London cinema foyer. Cinema goers who sign up to the petition on their mobile phones during the show will be able to leave the auditorium and watch the arm sign their names on paper in real time. Cinema is an excellent medium in which to showcase emotive copy as a result of an engaged audience and can utilise second screens through apps such as cinme.


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