Social Media Newsletter 16/06/14

Happy Friday fellow Proles! And what a Friday it is.

Platform News:

  • Twitter has announced its new ‘Mute’ function that allows users to cleanse their newsfeeds of content from annoying friends or overactive Tweeters. Useful when your friends are serial spoilers of Game of Thrones.
  • Pinterest’s Promoted Pins take another step closer after launching another test phase in the US with a small batch of active brands. We’re still a long way from a UK launch, which begs the question: Why include this in this week’s newsletter?
  • Facebook’s new Ads Shortcuts are set to make lives easier for those buying ads on the platform by shortcutting ad’s performance in advertiser’s right-hand side of their news feeds.
  • It would appear that cat videos & Facebook updates account for >30% of all mobile web traffic. Speaking of which, has everyone seen this one yet?
  • Twitter has shared with us a five point checklist to make sure your brand is ready for the World Cup next month. Here’s a photo of Wayne Rooney in preparation; England’s Great White Hope.


  • has become the first brand to launch a Twitter Amplify campaign in partnership with ITV’s Coronation Street. A promoted Tweet from Corro’s feed will promote the clip by, driving to where they’ll be exposed also to pre/post-rolls and CTM display ads.
  • Birdseye (the fish finger people) have at last given Instagram users an actual reason to snap & share images of what they’re eating rather than just doing it to annoy everyone. The Birdseye Picturehouse campaign encourages foodies to photograph their dinners  – those who then use the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations will get their food for free.
  • The FA broke the news of the @England squad on Twitter this week, simultaneous to the FA website and ahead of the official press conference.  #3Lions.  Read more.


Things we like:

  • This week’s viral video chart looks a bit like this. The new COD trailer features Kevin Spacey in full tyrannical dictator mode; and it looks like fun.


There you go. Enjoy your weekends everyone. But don’t forget.


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