Social Media Newsletter 2/04/14

Glad we’ve made it to Friday. It’s been a very busy week, with some very new and exciting social media innovations.

Platform News

  • F8 – Facebook’s annual developer conference reveals all the new features the social network is planning to introduce


o   Facebook launches mobile ads Audience Network. Facebook is to start serving ads to third-party mobile apps via a new advertising network. Facebook’s Ad Network Promises to Make App Partners Rich.

o   Use Facebook tolog in anonymously on other sites and Apps. An anonymous login option will allow Facebook users to test new apps without giving over their private information. Watch a snippet here.

o   Bye-Bye Browsers: Why Facebook’s New App Links Are a Big Deal. Facebook will launch a new mobile app called AppLinks, which aims to make it easier to use links that switch between apps and web pages.Video Link                                

  • Snapchatrevealed it was adding text messaging, video chat and other new features that promise to take the app’s photo and video sharing to the next level.
  • Tinder poised to introducenative advertising. “If Tinder can get this right, it opens up a massive revenue opportunity that could even start to challenge the likes of Twitter and Facebook, if not then many advertisers may just swipe left.”
  • Facebook acquires Moves, the fitness tracking app. Facebook is leaping into the fitness tracking market by buying the Helsinki-based Moves mobile app that can track users and automatically determine whether they’re walking, running, biking or riding public transportation. Read More: I like to Move it Move it
  • Shares in Twitter drop 11%. Their lowest levels since the company’s stock market flotation, as it reported slower than expected user growth. Twitter also reported a net loss of $132m (£78m) for the latest quarter.  However, despite decline in user growth, Twitter’s advertising revenue increases by 125%.


  • Celebrities speak out against sexual assault. ( Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Steve Carrell, Dule Hill and Seth Meyers). The White House PSA Against Sexual Assault ‘Help her … never blame her’  emphasises critical issues with clarity and heart.


  • Selfridges has launched its biggest beauty ad campaign, which will include a partnership with Google+.  A programme of debates and talks about beauty will be hosted by a video blogger and streamed through Google+ Hangouts.

Stuff we like (sort of):

  • Coke Encourages Recycling In Dhaka With Arcade Game That Runs On Empty Bottles. Machines Let Users Plays A Video Game In Exchange For Used Bottles. The Campaign named  ‘Happiness Arcade’ makes recycling fun
  • Jeremy Clarkson’s takes to Twitpic to post a statement rebuking accusations of him making a racist remark.
  • Artists team up with charity, Depaul, to paint murals which form part of a wider campaign called “Don’t Let Their Stories end on the Streets” and tell the stories of young people who have become homeless or are at risk from becoming homesless.

Weekly Viral Video Chart

The Monkey Selfie – INCREDIBLE Stolen GoPro | Monkey Takes Selfie watch now.  She/He will be setting up an Instagram account in no time.

Ad of the Day – Kevin Spacey stars in the New Call of Duty Advert.

Watch the trailer video here.


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