In the outside world: May 2nd

Interesting media-related news this week from our Head of Innovation, Anjali Ramachandran:


Accessories and apparel used in the  much-lauded Red Bull Stratos jump from space in 2012 has acquired a permanent home at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Most campaigns are forgotten fairly quickly after they launch, so it’s nice to see Red Bull have thought about the posterity of this campaign. I’d urge all planners to think about this: does your campaign have aspects which can give the brand a longer life in a different form?

Yesterday Selfridges in London launched the Fragrance Lab as part of the Selfridges Beauty Project, where they will profile visitors to the lab and create their own personal signature scents. It will run till the end of June. A project with fragrance brand Givaudan, Campaign and the Future Laboratory, it doesn’t seem to be all that interesting.

Yahoo is ramping up its services and partnerships in a bid to challenge YouTube. The latest is a new Yahoo channel, to be launched in July, which will stream one live concert a day, in partnership with LiveNation. Kellogg’s has already signed on as a sponsor. It is intended to very clearly be a revenue-generating channel so they’re taking this seriously. I like the idea of the channel – with the right artists and media backing it, fans could appreciate this. Here’s Yahoo’s CMO on the deal.

YouTube certainly isn’t sitting quiet: DreamWorks has signed up this week to produce short-form original content for them. The DreamWorks division focussing on this will be run by the founder of AwesomenessTV, an online video company acquired by DreamWorks last year. Expect to see Shrek’s Puss-in-Boots and other characters in shows that are a few minutes long.

While on DreamWorks, this is an interesting provocation from the CEO of their Animation division: in the future, people will pay for movies according to the size of the screen they want to watch them on.

Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar Animation, recently spoke at BBH London on his latest book ‘Creativity Inc’, which looks at the culture and philosophy of Pixar. It’s a fantastic book, I recently read it – I urge anyone interested in business and management to give it a go.

Sky GO and Sky’s Now TV will both be available to owners of the PS4 in the UK from this summer. Good move by both Sony and Sky – expect to see more such partnerships in the near future.


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