Innovation.Media at Advertising Week Europe 2014

Lauren Port, Innovation Group Manager, went to the first session of #AWEurope this morning. Here’s what it was about:


I kicked off my first visit to Advertising Week with a session called Innovation.Media, a panel discussion including our very own Chief Innovation Officer Frances Ralston-Good. The panel discussed innovation in detail, from defining it, debating when it’s useful and when it’s not. A few snippets I pulled out:

What is it?

Everyone agreed it means different things:

–          Innovation is an agency tool to get ahead

–          It provides a platform for a test and learn approach

–          People are looking for different shapes and size of innovation – one man’s partnership with a tech start-up is another man’s TV plan with a couple of efficiencies

How should it be used?

–          The panel agreed it’s important to make it part of your company’s culture, so people don’t think ‘that’s not part of my job’

–          Clients don’t want cool stuff for the sake of it, it must be related to their business issues

–          What success looks like must be defined at the beginning

–          To that end, it must be scalable

Is it always something new?

–          Sometimes the best new ideas are a fusion of two old ones

–          Sometimes the benefit is seen by tweaking existing ideas ever so slightly (referencing Dave Brailsford’s work with the UK cycling team)

–          Sometimes they already exist but need elevating to a more public arena

Moving towards collaboration

–          Can media owners, agencies and clients share the risk equally?

–         Will a payment on results method ever deliver the best ways of working?

Overall it was a thought provoking session which got me thinking about the way innovation is perceived by clients, within agencies and by media owners. More good stuff to come I hope!


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