South By Sound Bite

So 5 days of talks, tacos, beer, panels, keynotes and parties have come to an end. What an incredible experience.

I think it will take a few days of sifting through the sheer volume of data to make real sense of it all, but in the meantime please see below for my top ten most memorable (as well as the most re-tweeted) quotes from some of the main players.

In no particular order, here’s the list.

1. ‘It became clear to me that one of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice’ Julian Assange (this was the top most retweeted quote of the conference.

2. ‘Bad news.   We’re all gonna become fucking robots’ Gary Veynerchuk explains wearable tech to the SXSW faithful

3. ‘We’re all one degree now’ Felicia Day delights in how Kevin Bacon’s Vine reduces a couple thousand people’s Bacon Number in one fell swoop

4. ‘Ideas are worthless.   Entrepreneur is just French for ‘has ideas; does them’’ Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian stresses the importance of execution over origination.

5. ‘We live in an age where your audience now has an audience’ Randi Zuckerberg nails down great quote in her opening exchange with Dana Brunetti

6. ‘I think it’s dead the way we know it now. Digital distribution is where it’s at’ Dana Brunetti pulls no punches on the future of TV

7. ‘I took an oath to defend the constitution and saw it had been violated on a massive scale’ Edward Snowden, speaking via Google Hangout in front of a background depicting said constitution

8. ‘We have moved from serving public interest to serving national interest’ Snowden with the second most re-tweeted quote of the week

9. ‘We all pay for new technology with privacy’ Robert Scoble lays out the value exchange for tech utilit

10. ‘GRUMP OF THRONES #GrumpOfThrones… #HOLYSHRIMP… @HBO @SXSW’ Grumpy Cat, the real star of SXSW 2014, with the THIRD most re-tweeted quote of the entire conference

I was witness to less than a thousandth of a miniscule fraction of the available content on offer and I’m sure there were tons of great talks that I wasn’t present at.   But I hope the above gives you a flavour of the most important currency of SXSW – forthright opinions delivered with passion and conviction.   Even Grumpy Cat might agree with that.

To see live photos of SXSW view PHD’s Pinterest page.

Simon Harwood, Planning Director for innovation & insight. PHD UK. Follow @sharwoodster @PHD_UK


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