social media newsletter 03/03/2014

Social Media Strategist Tom Gatenby  brings you some of this week’s social news.

Network News

  • Facebook’s new change to the Newsfeed algorithm means that brands will get a greater reach than ever before. Brand pages can now tag separate brands or celebrities in a post and the post may surface for the fans of both pages. Read more on this on Mashable


  • Facebook on the rise: In Q4 2013  Facebook’s total ad clicks had increased by 66% and the click-through rate was up 10% in Q4 over Q3.
  • Twitter is now bringing promoted accounts to search. – For example if you are an FMCG company and someone searches for “snack” on Twitter then your brand could be shown at the top of the page and suggested to be followed. Read more on Techcrunch
  • McDonald’s joins Snapchat with a bang – Brands on Snapchat are growing rapidly and McDonald’s have recruited the biggest NBA star or all time, Lebron James, to launch their new Bacon Clubhouse burger using the social network. Read more on AdAge.


Cool Campaigns and Viral Ads

  • Coca Cola, although extremely active itself on social networks, has noticed that people spend perhaps too much time staring at their social networks. So they have created the Social Media Guard. (Think of the lampshade like devices dogs have to wear after going to the vet)
  • How do you get a nation which spends the majority of the day staring at computers, mobiles and other technology excited about the National Trust? Well this ‘Leaked’ (apparently) video gives a pretty good stab at it. Check it out.
  • At the Oscars last night Ellen DeGeneres managed to break Twitter and the Barack Obama’s previously held title for most retweeted tweet.”



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