Social Media Newsletter 31/01/2014

With the Super Bowl coming up, brands will be competing very hard to make as much noise as possible across all channels. Take a look at some of the ads we are expecting to see as well as lots of other social media news…

Twitter Mobile Updates

  • Trending events appearing at the top of the timeline- if a user doesn’t have any new tweets to load when you manually update it, it now brings up recommended posts from people you don’t follow, as well as trending topics and suggestions about new people to follow. (Currently US only)
  • Twitter is updating its photo editing tool on Android (and likely soon is) which will make it easier to share photos direct to the network, and stop using other networks like Instagram so much.

Facebook’s tenth birthday – To celebrate Time have created a tool to calculate just how many days of your life have been  ‘used’ on the social network.

Pinterest ‘beefs up’ search tools for recipe pins   – A great way to entice brands which aren’t already using the platform to get involved.

New App- Facebook Paper  – This will be a standalone iOS news reader app that delivers human and algorithm curated full-screen articles and photos.


Tech- Lego Build With Chrome – You can now build Lego online. Using Google+, you can login to find out what people in your circles have created. You can also explore the ‘Build Academy’, which is a selection of short tutorials and challenges featuring characters and structures from the new Lego Movie.


Check out Mashable’s predictions on how Social Media Marketing will change in 2014.

Viral Ads

Super Bowl  time is upon us and there is going to be some real crackers.

  •  Go Daddy  is creating another unusual (weird) advert including hundreds of body builders.
  • H&M are sure to create huge social buzz by giving people the chance to vote for David Beckham to be #covered or #uncovered.
  • Budweiser are going for the cute look with their advert called ‘Puppy Love’ – showing the bond between two animals for their #BestBuds campaign.

Written by PHD’s Social Media Strategist Tom Gatenby


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