Social Media Newsletter 24/01/2014

Social Media Strategist Tom Gatenby  brings you some of this week’s social news.

Network News

  • Twitter unveils Twitter card analytics- allowing brands to see a deeper insight into the performance of their tweets. This will help brands understand what creatives are working on the platform.
  • Pinterest is testing a personalised home page- Pinterest is testing a new way to browse the network with a new category called ‘Personalized for you’ – a section based entirely on you interests.
  • Vine has turned 1 year old today – in celebration check out some of the top Vines by brands here.


  • Facebook schools Princeton – There’s been recent speculation that the downfall of Facebook is nearing, including Princeton who claimed the social media platform would lose 80% of its users by 2015. Facebook hit back at Princeton, using the same methodology to state, if the method was correct, that Princeton would have NO students by 2012.

Social Stat – Over half of all social customer care queries are now directed at Twitter. This shows the importance of brands having a presence on Twitter to get deep insight into their customers. (Or potentially the genius of Apple for staying away from Twitter so they don’t have to deal with the number of complaints) Read more on The Drum


  • ‘Selfie’ – Dove is asking women to redefine what it means to be beautiful by embracing the ‘selfie’, a word which now resonates with most young women in some way. Dove’s film, ‘Slefie’, asks mothers and daughters to take honest (un-edited) self-portraits and feature in a public exhibition. In said exhibition, visitors are encouraged to leave Post-It notes on the portraits, which (predictably) compliment the very features the women are self-conscious of. Read more about it on the Business Insider.
  • Paddy Power ‘Fergie Time’ – For all the football fans out there it will come as no news to anyone that Manchester United are having a tough time at the moment. So Paddy Power decided to continue their cheeky guerrilla marketing campaign by placing a life size Sir Alex Ferguson in a glass box outside Old Trafford, to be broken in case of emergencies. A sure fire way of creating organic virality.



  • Old Spice has created a very cool prank campaign, not with a viral video, like every other brand, but with a prank website. Check out   Push Up Muscle Shirt for example. However there are loads more, check out the full story and range on TechCrunch.
  •  Our favourite viral video for this week is, of course, the Cadbury lip-syncing advert. A great way to cheer you up in the office on a miserable day…. Do you like to boogie?
  • Take a look at The Drum’s Viral Video Chart. At number 1 is a video from AXE for its new PEACE campaign; the clever and amusing video is labelled ‘Make Love, Not War.’ Well worth a watch!

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