The new launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk

Team Cadbury are excited to announce that the weekend just gone saw the launch of the brand new Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign. The campaign is the first to showcase Cadbury’s new brand strategy, which centres on moments of irrepressible joy, in this case brought to life through the medium of lip-syncing. Think the much referenced quote “dance like nobody’s watching”, that vibe…

To launch the campaign we launched 60” spots in both Splash and Dancing on Ice, with a 30” running for the remaining weeks on air. If you missed it over the check out the Cadbury Facebook page or YouTube page (warning, the song will be stuck in your head all weekend). And because we know that people find joy in different things, we have worked with content partners to produce additional lip-sync videos to guarantee joy for all – watch this space for more info when they are released!

A beautifully simple OOH creative will dominate the streets and supermarkets, making you salivate for your favourite choc, so watch out for the Cadbury invasion this weekend.

To read more on the campaign, read Marketing Magazines write up here.



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