Social Media Newsletter 10/01/2014

Network News

  • Facebook is set to eliminate Sponsored Stories (a type of fan acquisition ad) in April. Read more on Mashable
  • Facebook has developed a new A/B testing framework, which helps improve user experience on its mobile apps. Read more on Techcrunch.
  • Snapchat issued an apology of sorts for allowing 4.6 million user’s details to be published by hacker, while announcing an update to the app.
  • Google+ updates now means that users can be emailed without an email address… sounds confusing and a bizarre move by Google. Read more on The Drum.
  • Check out Jelly– the new social media mobile app where you ask each other questions and help each other out. Are you sceptical? So am I … and so is this writer.

Cool campaign

  • Tui Brewery is offering cricket fans a chance to really reel in the cash. The offer is if they are wearing a Tui Brewery t-shirt at a New Zealand Cricket match and they catch a ball one handed that is hit for 6. It is a great way to get free advertising and hundreds if not thousands of people wearing the Tui brand. Read more on Campaign.



  • Leading the way in this week’s viral video chart is P&G’s Thank You, Mom, ad  ready for their sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics. An emotional video created with the aim of sparking family emotions, which it obviously has done after receiving over 5million views in a matter of days.
  • Amazon and Nissan caused a huge amount of social buzz when they decided to deliver a Nissan Car in an Amazon box. Very cool idea.


Written by Tom Gatenby


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