The launch of the latest Hobbit movie

You’ve all heard of The Hobbit, and ’I’m sure you’ve all booked tickets already…

What you perhaps don’t know about is the ‘Live ad’ that’s being broadcast on ITV this evening in the Royal Variety Performance. You can read all about it here.

ITN are currently over in Berlin filming the talent as they walk down the red carpet, they’ll grab Martin Freeman for a brief interview and he’ll introduce a new ad. ITN will then then edit together a 60s spot that will go out in the Royal Variety Performance at 7.45pm tonight as well as at a similar time on ITV3 and ITV4. We’ll also be on ITV2 a little bit later tonight.

On top of this activity, our digital team have also been creating a cross-platform campaign with Microsoft to promote the release of the film.


This is one of the biggest online display partnerships Warner Brothers have ever supported for a theatrical release and it’s exciting for a number of reasons;

  • Activity will be running across Xbox 360, MSN and Windows 8 – a media first for Europe. The beautiful creative is unified across all platforms and gives consumers an interactive, deep-dive into the film, with additional information about key characters, events and artefacts from the movie and actor biographies.
  • If you are lucky or rich enough to own a 3D printer you can print out ‘The Key to Erebor’ (a major artefact in the film’s plot) using Windows 8 on the day the film is released. This is the first campaign EVER to offer a free blueprint download for a 3D printer.
  • It’s WB’s first Window 8 campaign, with ads hosted within Windows 8 Apps. A demo can be viewed here;
  • The X-Box format will be Kinect enabled, meaning users can seamlessly view content with voice and gesture controls

You can read more about the digital activity below.

Enjoy watching!

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