Presenting Sainsbury’s Christmas In A Day

The trailer for the new Sainsbury’s ad is out. Well not just an ad, more than that. Claire Elsworth from Team Sainsbury’s at PHD UK has more.

Sainsbury's Christmas In A Day

If you manage to catch Corrie tonight, you’ll see a life-changing, epic, three and a half minute Sainsbury’s advert. And you’ll love it. And hopefully you’ll go on both Facebook and Twitter there and then and share your delight..

And tomorrow morning, when you’re coming down off the high of how great the ad was, you’ll go on Facebook again to see our incredible reachblock, where you can watch the ad again, and once again revel in its wonder. And then you might be a bit sad, because now that you’ve seen it, is that it for Christmas? Is that all the warm, fluffy supermarket Christmas content you’re going to get this year?


Sainsbury’s Christmas campaign this year isn’t like the rest. this is just the beginning. On November 29th, Sainsbury’s are launching a film. An actual, real-life, 47-minute full film with a proper premiere and everything. It’s called Christmas In A Day, and all of their brand advertising is made up of clips from it. It’s been directed by Kevin Macdonald (the Oscar-winning director behind Life In A Day and The Last King of Scotland) and produced by Ridley Scott.

Christmas In A Day is a heart-warming look into how the Great British Public do Christmas. It’s made up of home-made footage of real folks and families in the lead up to and the celebration of the big day, from the man with the Christmas Dinner spreadsheet, to the lucky lady who gets radiator keys in her stocking. If you want more info on the project, go here.

Happy Wednesday, and live well for less.


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