PHD at [squared]: The future of advertising

Harrie Dumenil, Media Assistant, and Bryony Warren, Digital Account Executive, are on the Google Squared course this year. Here they speak about their latest course project:


Do consumers care less about advertising than ever before? This was the question which the most recent cohort of Google Squared (a 6 week training programme run by Google for young people across the advertising industry) challenged itself to answer. With this in mind, we managed to recruit a panel of 9 senior industry leaders (including PHD’s own David Wilding) to debate the issue and then to open it out to the viewing public via a Google Hangout.

The subsequent discussion was far from conclusive but shines an interesting light on the way in which the increasingly complex digital landscape has the potential to transform and revolutionise traditional advertising. This brief, hour-long snapshot into the divisive debate and disagreement surrounding the uncertainty of the future of advertising served to demonstrate the challenges and unchartered territory that the industry will inevitably have to navigate if it is to keep pace with consumers whose technological savvy will allow them to be more and more vocal about content and forms they find irritating or irrelevant.  Amongst this general air of unpredictability and second-guessing, however, there emerged one area upon which the panel repeatedly found itself united.  As the digital world continues to change and develop at an unprecedented speed, the role of advertising must adapt and evolve to match it. The industry will be compelled to create work which is challenging, engaging and brave to ensure that it is able to offer consumers content which is worth their time and attention.

You can watch the video in its entirety here:


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