Social Media Newsletter

PHD’s Social Media Strategist, Tom Gatenby, brings you some of this week’s social media news.

Hello all. It has been Social Media Week in London and there’s been plenty of social news to go with it…


  • Facebook starts up mobile ad network again and is focussing on improved targeting.
  • Facebook allowing edits. Dyslexic community managers from around the globe will be praising Zuckerberg’s decision to finally allow users to edit their posts. (Unfortunately you will be able to see that the post has been edited though)




Read up on the apparent future trends from Social Media Week here.

Viral videos

With the release of two new iPhones it is no wonder that the leading viral ads are mobile based.


  • One other way to get people to share your advert is to use toilet talk, but in an unusual amusing way. Seeing as this brand is called Poo-Pouri and the video is called “Girls Don’t Poop” it is no wonder it is such a success. In my immature eyes.

Fun things:

  • Type “Google in 1998” into the Google search bar to see what it looked like back in the day.
  • Vogue released a 902 page fashion bible for fall. 70% of this is just ads! One copywriter took a penknife and black marker to remove all the ads. He is selling his version of the magazine at the same price it would have cost all the companies to get their ads in there. $4.5M



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