In the outside world: August 9th

Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation, shares a few things that caught her notice over the last couple of weeks:


Estee Lauder and Hearst Magazines brought out The Estee Lauder Beauty Book as part of Flipboard’s magazine content, drawing on content from Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire.

SnapMyAd is an app that offers Instagram users rewards in exchange for using their photos in ad campaigns.

Last week there were quite a few stories about vile Twitter trolls making life miserable for people who dared to have an opinion about issues that matter. Energy drink V-Hab released a Comment Converter Chrome & Safari extension that automatically changed insults to happy words – like ‘you rainbowing unicorn’!!


Toyota donated its time to the Food Bank of America instead of money. The company used their well-known ‘kaizen’ business model to help the Food Bank become more efficient by reducing wasted time and effort.

The MIT Media Lab is one of my favourite academic institutions, so I was impressed to hear that New Balance inked a multi-year sponsorship deal with them to create better sports products.


People’s Radio Sketch – via OpenIdeo

Brilliant idea on Ideo’s crowdsourcing platform Open IDEO in response to the brief: ‘how might we gather information from hard-to-access areas to prevent mass violence against civilians?’ The answer involved creating the People’s Radio, a radio channel made of short voice messages. People call the number to leave messages which are then played on People’s Radio. This reminds me of PHD’s work in India on a Unilever brand which won a Cannes Lions this year.

Digital agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine are donating their time spent working on the Unilever account into time donated to the charity The Kids Company.

Coca-Cola launches an Accelerator Programme to tap into the talent, technology and resources of startups across the world, as many brands are.


Sky Sports have launched their Decisions campaign. Decision-making is at the heart of every sport, so Sky are encouraging viewers to vote for the best decisions of all time.

In the run-up to launching a new Yahoo! logo next month, the company is publishing a new take on their logo for 30 days.


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