Social Media Newsletter 02/08/2013

Good afternoon all! Have a butchers at some of this week’s social news….

Facebook News:

embedd posts


  • Facebook new feature On this Day – lets you take a look at what happened this time last year, or the year before.

Kantar Media announced a strategic alliance with Twitter– the first of three which will allow Kantar to provide broadcasters with more data about how their shows are received on the social network.

Amazon creates its own Pinterest Knock off- Collections. With Pinterest being such a high traffic driver it seems weird that Amazon would want to compete in this market. Obviously the quantity of things is far smaller on Collections because it only includes Amazon stuff. Read more on Techcrunch.

Real time response from -Last week it was the Royal Baby, this week it is the Cowell Baby. (Simon Cowell has got his friend’s wife pregnant) didn’t waste any time and have created a Simon Cowell like baby outfit.Very clever, real time marketing.


Viral Video:


Tech- New app SnappyCam allows you to take 20 seconds per second with iPhone. 

Written by PHD’s Social Media Strategist Tom Gatenby


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