Social Media Newsletter 26/07/2013

This week’s social media newsletter has latest in network updates, campaigns, viral videos and tech.

Written by Tom Gatenby

Network Updates


Royal Baby

  • Sick of hearing everything about it? That’s why The Guardian created a ‘Republican Button’ allowing you to switch off from all the news Great Work!

Republican button

  • I don’t want to dwell on The Royal Baby and how brands have jumped on board with this too much. See how some brands jumped on this trend here, here or here. (Comedy Central UK and Cadbury’s really stand out for me!)

Other Cool campaigns

  • BMW create a fake holiday in China, called the ‘Day of regret’, on Sina Weibo, to promote their new car the ‘Control Z4’. A very clever and successful campaign.
  • Drinks Calculator have used what they knew would be a viral hit, drunk people stumbling/ falling all over the place, to make people think about how much they should (n’t) be drinking. A great use of viral videos to promote a relevant product. Watch it now!



  • New app – Fiat ‘You Wear’ Facebook app. The app looks at your Facebook photos and analyses which colour you wear most, what that means about you and what Fiat 500 suits you best. Interesting, but doesn’t make me want to buy a Fiat…
  • YouTube has started an Easter egg hunt ready for the upcoming ‘Geek Week’. They tweeted a bunch of numbers  which if you are good enough at coding to understand translates into “/ geekweek”. If you type this into YouTube search you get a retro feel. Find out more about ‘Geek Week’ here.
  • Pay with your face?! Finnish company has developed a face recognition system enabling you to pay for things with your face. Amazing
  • Kanye West has come up with the first interactive music video.

Weird –

  • Girls in miniskirts have been used to advertise brands before… not in this way. In Tokyo a PR company has turned women’s legs into literally a walking billboard.  The girls are being paid up to $100 a day to wear the stickers on their legs.


  • Check out Manchester United’s star players advertising Tomato juice…. Beautiful!

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