In the outside world: 26th July

Interesting links this week from Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation:


All it took to get inspired was one conversation – our sisters and brothers at MG OMD have created what they call ‘the UK’s first media agency beer’. Seymour Brew will be available in their local The Devonshire Arms, with proceeds going to support young entrepreneurs.

If you’re working with a customer-facing brand, take a look at where they stand on Twitter in this UK Twitter Customer Care Leaderboard.

We’ve heard of TV shows where the characters have Twitter feeds, that’s more or less common now. But how about a reality show broadcast entirely through social media? @SummerBreak was developed by AT&T and BBDO in the US, and fans can choose to follow a character’s YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram account or get the summary from @summerbreak.

Google launched Chromecast this week, a USB dongle you can plug into any HDMI TV to stream media from smartphones, tablets and computers. It retails at $35 in the US, with no information yet on international launches.

You can now get Sky Sports and Movies in the UK through any TV by using Sky’s £10 NowTV Box.


Waitrose’s Online Marketing Manager talks about the brand’s journey from real-time bidding (RTB) to real-time advertising [VIDEO].

This is a great video by an interactive agency that took it upon themselves to reimagine what the website of a truly modern airline would look like. They then tweeted it out to airline companies as a new business proposition; let’s see whether anyone bites! Their work looks very slick though.


British Airways have released a new digital campaign calling for people to picture their holidays. They will suggest places for you to go to based on pictures of places you like.


Mentos have created Mentos Fresh News, which uses information from your Facebook profile to show you news uniquely relevant to you. (Whilst there, also explore Mentos Fresh Filter where you can filter videos according to how ‘fresh’ it is).

Tesco have created the Real Food microsite as an extension of their Love Every Mouthful campaign. It has a number of sub-sections like recipes, cooking with kids and a meal planner.

Here’s an interesting interview with people behind Intel and Toshiba’s latest ‘social’ film where the audience can play a part, ‘The Power Inside’. The trailer was released yesterday and the first episode airs on August 15. It is an extension of their original idea which focussed on innovating in the branded entertainment category. Last year’s ‘The Beauty Inside’ went on to win a Daytime Emmy and a Grand Prix at Cannes. More importantly, they saw a 360% increase in sales of the Ultrabook following the campaign.


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