Social Media Newsletter

Facebook’s monthly active mobile users jumped by 22% in the UK in June – Read more on SimplyZesty

Facebook is now allowing brands and users to comment on posts with a photo. Giving brands more opportunity to engage in a different way.

Tumblr is bringing back the activity feed – allowing you to graph the latest activity on your blog, view your top fans and posts, and see all of your recent notifications. See other changes on Mashable.

5 brands using Instagram Video in a cool way. Of course Burburry are leading the way.

New App- Locket – is an Android application that delivers ads on smartphone lock screens and pays users for unlocking their phone. Each time a user wakes up the phone, instead of the Android default lock screen, a full-screen advertisement is displayed.Users swipe right to go to their home screen or swipe left to learn more about the ad. Either way, they get paid.


Social Media Fails

Cool Campaign -Douwe Egberts ‘bye bye red eye’- Yawn for a coffee – The coffee company thought that people at an airport are more likely to be tired than anyone else. So put a coffee dispensing machine in an airport, the coffee was dispensed automatically when it sensed the person in front of the machine yawn.

Viral Videos

Written by Tom Gatenby 


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