In the outside world: 19th July

Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation, shares more interesting links this week:


The Guardian introduce Guardian Author Alerts so you can sign up to know when your favourite journalist has written a new article.

Ikea builds a flat-pack house for refugees, in collaboration with the UNHCR and Refugee Housing Unit.


Google Street View now offers Potter fans a look into Diagon Alley at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour (bonus: if you’d like a Friday chuckle, read the article update at the end!!).


Tesco celebrated their second National Food Collection earlier this month, and adopted a strategy of thanking each city individually with print ads.

Well worth reading this article about the genesis of Red Bull and how it started off (and continues to be) a ‘storydoing’ company.


Some of you might have read this about how Unilever is one of the launch brands for Solve Media’s new technology that replaces regular Captcha verification messages with brand/logo messages.

From Tuesday till tomorrow, JetBlue in the US is offering NYC passengers 90% off airline tickets when temperatures hit 90F in New York’s Central Park.

Video-game lovers who also happen to like Coke, have a play at this game. Maybe you’ll go ‘Ahhh’?!! If you want even more and happen to have time, try counting the number of times the letter ‘h’ appears in this URL. Also click the ‘More’ tab at the bottom of the page for more things to do.

Respond and Rebuild is a volunteer group that’s been doing some great work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Here’s a rather nice idea to get people to donate to the cause by purchasing bricks in a game called Repair the Rockaways.

Urinals which can tell you when you are too drunk to drive in a nightclub in Singapore.


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