Canon & MySpace: Capture Your World contest

Matt Baker, Media Manager, writes about a new piece of work for our Canon client.


Canon launched their EOS M camera back in October last year and to support this launch we ran a global partnership with Vice that aimed to connect with a new breed of photographers – Generation M. The campaign was a great success but with a new year came a new brief and again the objective of positioning the brand/product alongside passion points of the trend setting youth of today.

Yesterday saw the launch of a partnership between our client Canon & the newly re-launched MySpace. It is essentially a competition for users to win the chance to be the photographer (using the EOS M) of our Canon/MySpace secret gig featuring the talented Charli XCX. Entrants have to create and submit a photography ‘Mix’ which is a slide show of their photos to a soundtrack that best represents them. Entrants can also claim the chance to attend the special gig at Proud in Camden. Charli XCX is really in the limelight at the moment having recently released her debut album in April (listen here) which was rated 8.5/10 by Billboard. She also sang and wrote the current UK number 1 hit ‘I love it’ by Icona Pop (listen to it here).

The competition profile can be found here.  Please do have a look and connect to our page if you have the chance!


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