In the outside world: 12th July

This week’s interesting links, from Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation.


Iberia has created ‘print-at-home’ baggage tags to reduce waiting time at airports. Also worth taking a look at their Agora project [PDF] if you haven’t yet.

It doesn’t take massive amounts of money to create a business in today’s age. Cold Brew Coffee Cart is doing it in London with £50.



Crowdsourcing ideas to improve your brand and service isn’t new, but in the hospitality industry it isn’t that common yet. Marriott Hotels seems to be taking it head on, and coming out very well (take a look at some of the suggested innovations!). There’s a prize of a free Marriott-sponsored trip up for grabs of course. In a great example of a brand working with media, they’ve also got a partnership with Fast Company to run the Creative Braintrust series for 6 months that sees 5 experts write about ideas and innovations in travel.

Harvey’s Furniture is the first UK brand to use Twitter Product Cards in online retail, a feature introduced by Twitter last month.

Reupp is a new simple service for fans to support their favourite TV shows, to try and bring them back when they go out of commission.


Found is a Tumblr of photos from the National Geographic’s archives, a beautiful project. Read more here.

Campbell’s Soup is bringing out Digital Fitness Kits to “provide participants with a 90-day digital immersion across some key focus areas” because they understand the growing importance of digital to their consumers’ lives. It will include a Roku box, some recommended apps and news sources.

All you need to get people talking is make something that will pique their interest – or desire to comment and share. US channel Syfy aired ‘Sharknado’ yesterday, a low-budget made-for-TV film that organically became a top trending topic on Twitter and drew out people’s Twitter best – and worst! Is it a sign of things to come?


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