Social Media Newsletter 12/07/2013

Network Updates


O2 on Twitter

  • O2, renowned for their witty responses on Twitter, have been taken on by Tesco Mobile in a Twitter rap battle. This has caused a huge number of RTs and new followers for both. A great, fun use of the social network by both brands. Who do you think won?


Tech/ New Apps / Weird stuff-

  • Snaplay is a reverse image search app that lets you snap a photo of a piece of media to retrieve associated music and videos which can then be viewed within the app. It’s like the ‘Shazam for images.’
  • Paddy Power is releasing a Facebook app allowing users to bet for real money within the app.
  • Move over Facebook Poke- the Facebook Outback B-Day Chair brings online greetings to the offline by providing the birthday person with a hug every time someone writes on their wall for their birthday. That’s not all the chair does though…
  • New trend- Beardvertising. A US based agency has started paying men with big, bushy beards to hold advertisements in their beards. Absolutely bonkers!



  • Wimbledon – Robinsons created this TV advert  in 2009 and were finally able to edit it with the win of Murray to become the viral hit they always wanted.
  • It has been HOT HOT HOT this week and everyone has been talking about it. Here are some campaigns that have smashed it in the past few years when the hot weather comes to town.
  • My particular favourite is Stella Artois Cidre. In London, it set up digital advertisements which had real-time, weather activated and location based capabilities. If the ad detected a two degree rise in temperature above the national average, the ads would display on the screen in that area. If the temperature was lower than average or raining, the ads would disappear.

Stella Artois Cidre

Written by Tom Gatenby


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