One click to solve unemployment? Yes!

Rebecca Hughes is part of PHD’s internal Springboard training programme for media planners. She writes a quick note about a project she is currently involved with:


For our community project within the Springboard programme, our group has been assigned to work with a lovely gentleman called Colin Crooks. He has been employed by Lambeth council as the first ever Social Entrepreneur in Residence in the UK. His goal is to increase the area’s low employment by encouraging people to set up their own businesses through providing them with the best tools to do so. He needs to appeal to large corporations too, in order to gain funding and support for this ambitious project. It’s an amazing initiative and if successful in Lambeth, very likely to be introduced in other areas around the country suffering from high unemployment.

Colin Crooks: how to make a million jobs. from Pioneers Post TV on Vimeo.

One of the things we’ve done to help is create a Facebook page for the project, or ‘Tree Shepherd’ as it’s called. We’re seeing Colin early next week, so if you have a second and could spare a ‘Like’, that would really help it on its way! We’re aiming to get him 300 by the end of the week…

Feel free to follow him on Twitter too!

AND he’s only gone and written a book about job creation, if you’re interested in learning more.


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