Social Media Newsletter 05/07/2013

Network updates

Piers Morgan on Twitter


New campaigns

  • O2 has launched a £10m ‘Be More Dog’ campaign designed to “rid the UK of cynicism” by embracing the inner dog. Continuing the light hearted approach they apply to their Twitter feed playful approach from the brand. I love dogs, and ‘a cat acting like a dog’ will surely be a viral sensation… I’m not sold for some reason; are you?


Viral ads

  • “Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate” – Jay Z has been knocked off the top spot by Red Bull and Danny MacAskill. If you like Red Bull’s marketing in general you will LOVE this. (As long as you have a spare 7 minutes)


  • European Tour (Golf) – did something unusual which will appeal to golf and tech fans. They put Rory McIlroy (pro golfer) up against a computer controlled hitting machine (which happens to have a wicked sense of humour.) The video’s received 2.5m views in a week.

Tech news (Not Social)

Written by Tom Gatenby


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