In the outside world: 5th July


Here are this week’s links to interesting things going on outside our world:


We all know the drill: go to a festival, use your phone all the time and see your phone battery drained in the matter of a few hours. Vodafone seems to have solved that problem if you’re camping: charge your phone with your sleeping bag and even shorts, with Power Pocket, developed with the University of Southampton.

Online customisation is great, but what if you could work your artistic magic and create a personalised t-shirt in a store which you can then purchase immediately? YrStore in London says you can.


An interesting read about how digital is set to implode if it doesn’t change the last-click attribution model for affiliates.

News articles are posted online by hundreds of journalists every minute of every day; how does a publication ensure all their news stories get maximum coverage? Very simply, remind their journalists to re-tweet them, because the combined Twitter reach of journalists is often way more than one publication. Introducing The Times London’s Retweeter.

A good read on why news companies should take inspiration from Amazon’s model on diversifying revenue sources. Amazon is one company that is really leveraging the data they collect to make an impact on the business.

DVDs aren’t just products, they’re social objects. The Couchers is a start-up that aims to bring back the social element into watching movies. Reminds me of popcorn brand Popsecret’s Labs’ efforts in that space in the States.


Overstay Checkout, the campaign for Art Series Hotels in Australia, won the 2013 WARC Prize for Innovation. In this 2-minute video, Simon Veksner from Naked Communications Melbourne explains what the two key marketing takeaways were.

See all the Cannes 2013 Grand Prix winners in this slideshow.

Interactive tagging in a trailer can add a lot to the narrative, as the trailer for Luther’s new series does. Have an explore and see where the trailer takes you.

Posted by Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation


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