PHD introduces…Jamie Doubleday

Who are you? Jamie Doubleday doubleday

What do you do? (in 10 words or less) Media Planner working across all things Sainsbury’s and Macmillan

Are you on Twitter? Sadly not, still don’t fully understand the fascination….

Would you rather eat a church made of cheese or eat a football stadium made of ham? Depends on the size of the stadium and the type of cheese involved – but probably the ham

We’re going to the pub, what would you like? A gin and tonic

Do you have a nickname? Fresh Meat, Panda and Doubles

Seen anything weird lately? Becci Dive was quiet for 10 minutes a week last Tuesday

What did you want to be when you grew up? Pilot

What is the last film you saw? The Intouchables

Corbisiero or Vunipola? A tricky one, although I am a fan of the all round game and line breaking ability of Vunipola, I believe the essential scrum and breakdown work of Corbisiero is more vital in test match rugby and the key to the lions winning this tour.


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