Live from Cannes: And finally…here is the FINAL #wincannes leaderboard

Live from Cannes logoCannes 2013 has ended, the beaches are back to their logo-free pristine conditions (which shouted the likes of ‘Google! Facebook! Microsoft!’ quite loudly over the last week) but more importantly PHD’s Win Cannes campaign has come to an end – because we now have a winner.

Reuben Francis Vidanes from DDB Philippines emerged as the final winner and goes home with a VIP pass to Cannes 2014!! Congratulations to Reuben and to every single one of our winners and participants through the week, you’ve all been amazing.

PHD Cannes App Infographics Sunday V1

Win Cannes has been a great experience for us at PHD and was the first time an event was gamified to this extent, as far as we know. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been fun and very rewarding to see the passion with which people went around the Palais looking for codes to snap and pings to earn. It’s made us appreciate the multitude of features and issues we need to be aware of running a campaign of this size, and we’re armed with lessons for next time.

So till then, thanks for playing – over and out!


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