Live from Cannes: Au Revoir

Live from Cannes logoGoodbye then Cannes Lions and thanks for having me. The Sun has shone, the work has inspired and it’s flown by in the blink of an eye.

On the subject of speed (lame segue, I’m tired) being nimble, quick and live is another key theme to have come out of the shortlisted Media Lions entries. It seems that media is firmly in the ‘live entertainment’ industry and some of the best examples delivered this in spades either with brave audacious ideas or simple, nimble ones.

As a commuter myself (Southwest trains, how I’ve missed you this week..) I love a campaign from Swebus in Sweden called “train switch” which offers train commuters a discount on their Swebus tickets which increase for every minute their train is late. So if your train’s 20 minutes late you get a 20% discount on Swebus (and if you’re train’s cancelled it’s free). This is communicated through an app that train commuters download – the first person to claim for each train gets the discount. It works because it leans directly into a competitor’s moment of vulnerability and makes the point about the relative reliability of Swebus in a playful, rewarding (and live) way.

Sky “Livespots” from Germany does a similar thing in terms of highlighting a strength at the expense of a competitor’s weakness. In an audacious move Sky bought ads on competitor TV channels and live streamed the action from the Champions League match playing on Sky at that very moment into them with a very clear message that viewers could be watching the football on Sky instead. It reminded me a bit of Channel 5 pointing out that they had live footage of another game on the perimeter boards of another match a few years ago. But on an even bigger scale.

Oreos ‘daily twist’ wasn’t live but was certainly current and daily. In a very simple idea they decided to celebrate the ‘culture’ of the day every day for 100 days (to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday) by giving Oreos a ‘daily twist’ – basically a “google doodle” inspired take on the day’s news or events which was then pushed out via their social networks.

My only quibble with this lovely idea is why would you stop doing it? Cannes image 73

Posted by David WildingHead of Planning


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