Live from Cannes: Cannes lions 2013 – so far…part 4 (It’s Diddy)

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Of course he was late. Of course he needed around 10 bodyguards/ security men. Of course he was wearing a white suit worth more than my house. It’s P Diddy.

His introduction video lists many of his million achievements and it really is impressive. The biggest record label in the world. 2nd biggest luxury Vodka brand in the world. Award winning fragrance creator (That probably isn’t the technical name) multi platinum award winning music artist and producer. Fashion label owner. This list goes on and everyone erupts when he is quoted as saying:

“Too many people know your name? Change it. Then change it again. I do it all the time!”

cannes image 51He is here to promote his new Music channel ‘Revolt’. What it is and how it works exactly is still not 100% clear but he aims to promote the best music from all around the world.

When asked by Steve Stout, Founder and CEO of translation “What brands inspire you?” Diddy responded – “ESPN” It is the curating of the news in sport in such a clever way that made him want to do it for the music industry, and hence created ‘Revolt’.

What fuels his creativity- Richard Branson- Diddy said that he thrives on entering different industry and being disruptive and authentic and showing emotion in your industry. Being different and doing things differently and this is why Branson inspires him.

What made him start Sean John (His fashion label)? Film inspired him, the movies. Wanted to embrace the culture of hip hop and portray this through fashion in his music videos so the artists didn’t just look stereotypical. He was a big fan of Ralph Lauren and the clothes he would design and use in his hop-hop videos would often end up on the catwalks.

Diddy is where he is because of MTV and he was grateful for that- but it was “devastating to music when they stopped playing music.” But it gave birth to a generation that wasn’t going to let that stop them finding the best music, and that is how Diddy is here to help with his Revolt.

My favourite points from him throughout the talk were:

“These millennials are extremely smart. They don’t like no BS. Brands don’t listen enough to what’s important to this generation. Brands need to understand this generation and get in touch with them!” The crowd went wild at this point.

How do you stay in tuned to what’s important to them Diddy? “I’m extremely immature!”(At this point the whole auditorium is rocking with laughter) “And…I ask the kids.” He has 6 kids of all different ages so he has “the perfect research team living in his house.” I loved this.

On the topic of evolving technology he said:

“Anyone here that works for apple- Samsung is on that ass right now!”

When YouTube got behind the iPod and changed it from white to black. Having that fearlessness to change something from white to black is how I sold 2 million records. The lesson learned is don’t be afraid to change. Do it, make a difference.

To end he had some nice sayings:

“I wake up in the morning and try and make my dreams possible. I wish myself luck.”

I found the talk disjointed and I don’t think he fully managed to explain well enough what his new Music Channel IS. However, what I found amazing was how humble he was. He is one of the most powerful, successful entrepreneurs in the world and this is how he ended his talk:

I want to thank you all for having me. This industry really inspires me! It’s an honor to be here. I know you are all very busy people and it means a lot that you have taken the time to listen to me today. Thank you for your time.”

Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive and Get me canned winner


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