Live from Cannes: Cannes lions 2013 – so far…part 3

Live from Cannes logoYesterday evening started in 35 degrees heat. That is way too hot to be wearing trousers and keep sweat patches to a minimum. After congratulating Mark Holden on a great presentation of source and the future of gamification I turned back to talk to some of the other young lions. When I turned back around I saw none other than Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs asking to be introduced to Mark. It just shows what a talent Mark is and what he has achieved and it is a privilege to work for the same agency as him.cannes image 44
After this David Wilding and Darren Rubins got chatting to the band, Morning Parade, and they claim to have got them ready for a ‘skint’ night… I will believe it when I see it.  They were very cool guys actually.

What followed that night was an amazing Young Lions party on the beachfront where Diddy dropped in to say hello again! Footage of this is to follow…cannes image 45

Conan O’Brien and Anderson Cooper took the stage in the main auditorium this morning to talk on “WHAT CONNECTS IN COMEDY”. The two worked so well together and it was an hour of straight comedy with the occasional great insight in to advertising and marketing. For example to get people talking about Anchorman 2 they invited Ron Burgundy, (Played by Will Farrell) as a guest on the show. The content instantly went viral. No adverts just content of Ron Burgundy being Ron Burgundy.
cannes image 50

A few of the other insightful quotes from the talk included:

“All advertisers are scum!”

“What are we even doing here? What even is Cannes?”

When asked what advice would you give the advertisers here? Conan responded “Give me all of your money and wire it into my account!”

What was evident was that Conan really saw Social Media as integral to life now. A great way to listen to your fans, or consumers and give back to them what they want. Understanding what they find funny and providing them with more. Also using their content. The time that fans of comedians or brands put into creating content about them is huge. Reward them by noting it and sharing it.

Posted by Tom Gatenby, Social Media Executive and Get me canned winner




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