Live from Cannes: Cannes Lions 2013 – So Far…part 1

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The exciting trip to the south of France for this years Cannes Lions started well; when I instantly fell asleep on David Wilding’s Shoulder on the flight over. (This says something about the conversation if you ask me!)

cannes image 3After soaking in some of the views and enjoying a few beers on the top of the Palais, courtesy of Adobe- thanks very much – we strolled along the seafront to find any bar where a cocktail is less than 25 euros…we failed. However we did manage to find the rest of the PHD people and had a very pleasant evening…people really open up after a few beers! Where Luke insisted on showing David Wilding his ‘party trick’ three times- this involved him putting his sweaty foot in David’s face.

Cannes image 30

Anyway on to the actual festival:

The PHD app is everywhere and is proving to be very popular. Every wall is plastered with posters and it seems to be a dog eat dog world when it comes to getting any remaining space for your own poster. The Palais is vast. Super busy with people queuing up around the corners, up and down stairs for the most popular talks. The most popular one so far seems to have been Coca Cola where the queue was about 200 deep 40 minutes before the doors opened!

cannes image 8

Unfortunately for me the one thing I was most excited about was seeing the Coca-Cola talk. Luckily we managed to find a little pop up tent on the seafront, which supplied us with sandwiches and beers with a live stream. (A well-received change from the Telephone Exchange!)

The thing is, if you Google ‘Coca- Cola at Cannes 2013’ you will be able to find about a thousand blog posts on the lecture already so I will keep it brief:

Coca-Cola’s vice president of global connections, Ivan Pollard was joined on stage by Jonathan Mildenhall, vice president for creative at Coca-Cola.

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Cannes The talk focused on #WorkThatMatters aimed to highlight how Coke was attempting to further the Content2020 initiative that It launched in 2011 to use online for content marketing. They told stories and showed off their most influential adverts of the past 60 years. From Mary Alexander as its face of advertising in 1955, where she became the first black woman to front the brand. To their latest campaign bringing to countries, India and Pakistan back together all through a vending machine and making them interact. The underlying message from though out all of the Coca-Cola ads is ‘Happiness’. They are constantly trying to show the positive when most people can only see the negative.

For me the best example of this is their CCTV footage – which actually is one of the most viewed viral videos of Coca Cola’s. The point being CCTV footage is always used to catch the bad things that are happening throughout the world. However the cameras also catch some great acts of kindness and Coca Cola think we should celebrate this, and quite right too! Check this out:

The talk was great and Coca Cola really can say they have made some truly iconic, unique adverts over the years. However I already knew that.

cannes images 31

Posted by Tom Gatenby, PHD’s Social Media Executive and Get me canned winner


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