Social Media Newsletter 14/06/2013

Hi All. We have got loads of social updates this week as well as some pretty cool campaigns as well…

Facebook updates:


Twitter updates:

  • Twitter has opened up its various analytics tools to the public, giving everyone access to in-depth data about the people and brands who follow them, as well as the performance of their most recent tweets. Read more on Techcrunch.
  • Twitter has updated its API to version 1.1 See what changes have been made here.

 twitter api 1.1

My Space is finally dead – I know we have been saying that for years, but this time it’s serious, it’s gone. (However obviously the new and improved My Space is now officially up and running)

Pinterest has created the first localised version for France-  the first non-English edition of its site.

Vine has surpassed Instagram in total Twitter shares….Hardly surprising that this has happened given you can’t see Instagram photos on Twitter.

Social Stat- Whatsapp claiming to be bigger than Twitter with 10 billion sent messages a day and 17 million messages received a day!

#CreativeFavorites – is a new initiative to honour great creative work done by advertising agencies on Twitter. Twitter will feature these regularly on its blog.

News of NSA and PRISM rocked the world but who in social media was involved with it? Well Larry Page of Google and Mark Zuckerberg has taken to their respective sites to deny any involvement in it. Read what they had to say here.

Some campaigns of the year – Cannes is next week and I am obviously going to be the main attraction. Other than that though there are also a lot of great creative works from the past 12 months going to be on show. See who the Drum has picked out here.

Other Cool Campaigns-

Skittles has launched an interactive advert on YouTube. Have you seen the Skittles ad where whatever the guy touches turns into Skittles?… Well it has that element to it, but others as well. Check it out here.

Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 (If you can stare at it for an hour) – That was the task set by Samsung, to show off its eye tracking technology. It sounds easy right? Not when there are motorbikes, sniffer dogs, fires and a whole host of other things trying to distract you!

Laughter is contagious – To prove this ‘Rituals Cosmetics’ commissioned this social experiment. Check out this great campaign which would guarantee to make you laugh if you were at a bus stop.

Written by Tom Gatenby


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