Social Media Newsletter 07/06/2013

Hi All. I have lots of news for you this week, from ‘never seen before fruit’ to ‘bathroom pranks’….

Facebook cutting Ad Units in half– Are you fed up of seeing more and more ads all over Facebook. Well they are now planning on streamlining its ads by cutting out roughly half of the offering.

Twitter following Facebook’s lead by using ad retargeting. The site is planning on creating an ad exchange similar to Facebook’s Facebook exchange (FBX). Read more on SimplyZesty.

Vine is now available for Android Smartphones as it reaches 13 million users.

Vine may have racked up 13 million users but social video network Keek has 45 million. Not sure what it is? Read more on Techcrunch.



  • The car that runs on tweets– The electric car is powered by social media activity, the more tweets, shares and likes it gets across Facebook Twitter and Instagram the more juice the car’s battery gets. Will they make it all the way from Kansas to Washington?
  • The Domicopter! – Taking Deliveries to new heights. One of Dominoes most pointless inventions- a helicopter that deliver your pizzas. Sounds great but it is never  going to be used.

Two bathroom campaigns

Other cool Campaigns

  • NEW Fruits created to promote a juice blender- That’s right an agency in Brazil worked with a molecular gastronomist, to create fruits of two different flavours. The results were the new creations of Kiwigerine, Bananaberry, and Pinegrape. Amazing but does that really show how good the blender is?



  • Cheerios’ ‘Controversial’ ad goes viral– There is nothing wrong with the advert, however because it features an interracial family YouTube comments had to be turned off because of the negative comments it received. Cheerios, quite rightly, are standing by their ad. The controversy has already generated 2.7 million views.
  • Man of Steel- Nearly 1million views of the trailer in one day. It’s going to be a huge success!
  • Courtesy of Claire Elsworth – One of the Internet’s biggest viral sensations “Keyboard cat” has finally been made into a toy. You can see it here.   (You can also see why I left that piece of ground-breaking news to the end of the newsletter)

Written by   Tom Gatenby


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