In the outside world: 7th June



Excellent example of ‘purity of purpose’ in marketing by AT&T in the US. They developed the Drive Mode app which automatically sends a customizable reply to incoming texts when a vehicle starts moving at 25 mph, as well as developing a virtual reality simulation to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving; the campaign was called #itcanwait. It was so successful celebrities and competitor brands volunteered to support the cause, and people contributed their own stories in droves. AT&T are now pre-installing the app on their phones. Watch this video with their SVP of Marketing explaining the campaign to know more.

This is an old one (2009) but it’s a nice example of design integrating with technology: the Pixel City wallpaper for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2, inspired by retro gaming icons that displayed basic information on-screen as if it was a game.

Comedy Central has released an app that allows people to search and find clips from their favourite comedians – it’s called CC:Standup.


Google have released a white paper titled ‘Quantifying Movie Magic with Search’ which explains how search behaviour can predict how likely or unlikely a movie is to succeed.

Amazon is planning to launch an online grocery business it has been developing under the radar. AmazonFresh was tested in their home town of Seattle and will launch in Los Angeles and San Francisco soon.


Or rather complete lack of, in this case; I just wanted to highlight it as an example of what not to do. NatWest’s latest NatYes campaign does not reflect integration of TV with digital at all, faring particularly badly in Search. I tried it again just now – a big #FAIL.

Rather touching use of creative: re-branding chemotherapy medicines with superhero branding to make them less scary for young cancer patients.

I’m quite enamoured of this use of Vine and Storystream for a cinema release – think of a visual Storify. Shane Meadows’ new documentary on the Stone Roses used the two platforms to beautifully showcase both original content and social content. There’s a bit of background here.

Nivea’s Man of the Match experience for some customers in a mall in the UK (by MEC) reminded me of Joe.FM’s ‘National Birthday Party’ campaign in Belgium.

What if you were walking along the street trying to find out popular bars or restaurants, and a street sign glowed with just that information?

Posted by Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation


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