PHD Introduces…Theresa Lim

Who are you?

Only the most excitable and happiest Singaporean in digital media who’s just got off a boat from PHD Shanghai.

_DSC2043What do you do? (in 10 words or less)

Digital Strategist on the Sainsbury’s account.

Are you on Twitter?

I sure am! All views are mine unless it’s ridiculously clever @theresalim27

Would you rather not need sleep or not need food?

Not need sleep as I need food to be able to do anything – and that includes sleeping. It’s hard work too, you know!

We’re going to the pub, what would you like?

A packet of crisps (I need food, remember?) and washing it all down with a refreshing Vodka Cranberry drink please.

Do you have a nickname?

T-Lim Style, Limmy, Limmers, Noodles (completely racist but I’m fine with it)

Do you collect anything?

Hello Kitty memorabilia, match boxes, anything shiny/glittery/fluffy

Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? or TOPSHOP – I love clothes shopping!

What time is bed time?

I’m usually asleep by midnight #granny

When did you last laugh?

A few moments ago on– please check it out, it’s hilarious!

Seen anything weird lately?

A guy on the train, on his mobile phone, speaking loudly about how “Yeah I’ll kick his arse… I’m the boss” rah rah rah only for his mobile phone to ring. #douchebag


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