Social Media Newsletter 31/05/2013

Hello, I hope you are all well. Please read on to see the likes of mind boggling social media and very immature viral videos…

Facebook now have official verified pages – Amazingly, Facebook hasn’t had this verification up until now like Twitter and Google+. It seems to be currently only possible to verify your brand/ or person if it has a huge amount of fans already.

Twitter has updated its mobile app. The update includes many new features including being able to upload a photo within 6 seconds which they decided to announce in a Vine video.

Recording TV shows with a tweet – Ever miss your favourite TV show and wish you had recorded it? Well now Brazil’s largest satellite provider is testing out ways for uses to record shows via Twitter. Read more on Ad Age

Mind boggling social media use– Dan Rollman tweeted a Vine of an Instagram photo of a Tumblr post of a Facebook update of a tweet. Got that? No Pinterest pin though- poor effort.

Cool Campaigns/ Virals

  • Kmart Immarturity -What is the best way to get people talking about your advert and your brand? Well there are loads of ways; my personal favourite is by being juvenile. Which is exactly what Kmart have done when promoting their ‘Big Gas Savings’.
  • This came after Kmart decided to promote their shipping ability in another funny video called ‘Ship My Pants’. Between the two they have received over 20 million views.
  • Similar maturity shown by Irn- Bru. Coca-Cola’s name on a coke campaign has been a huge success- however some people have been upset by not finding their name on a can. Well Irn- Bru have followed suit and put a name on a can. One name. Fanny.
  • Coca-Cola has been encouraging people to “share happiness” for years. Well now they have created the sharing can– a can which literally splits into two- genius. And if you aren’t in the sharing mood, save some for later!
  • RAA’s ‘you’ll be fuming’ billboard– The first smoking billboard to show what a car will look like if you’re not covered by them. Clever and environmentally friendly don’t worry.
  • @PepsiMaxUK – ran a Twitter competition which worked out at £0.25 Cost per Engagement. (They did use Beyoncé which is going to help any campaign)  See how they did it here.


  • The new Galaxy S4 Mini is launched by Samsung and is nearly 4 ounces lighter than its big brother.
  • While Samsung are leading the way with new tech, Apple has just released a new iPod touch without a rear camera. What would Steve Jobs say?

Galaxy s4 mini

Written by Tom Gatenby


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