In the outside world: May 31st


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The Guardian launched an Australia-focussed version of the site online this week, to cater to the needs of their audience down under – the country is amongst the top 5 for the Guardian in terms of readership.

Staying with the Guardian, they have launched (wait for it…..) a coffee shop! Going by #guardiancoffee and situated in Shoreditch’s Box Park in London, the café is a high-tech environment targeted at journalists but open to everyone.

ITV changed their website to a Twitter-like breaking news format last year, and now it’s the turn of the Financial Times who’ve launched FastFT, a rapid-fire news service that consists of 100-250 word stories.


VH1 is launching a number of websites across multiple social media platforms on the same day that their second reality series ‘Hit The Floor’ releases. It is a transmedia strategy that will ‘will see writers and producers of the series operating character-owned Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the week in an effort to drive conversation similar to VH1’s popular reality television stars.’

Warner Bros. are producing a new movie, sourced from, of all places, the social site that votes up news stories, Reddit.

An article that can give you some fodder to talk to clients: innovation builds consumer trust.

A must-read for anyone working on an entertainment client, or anyone interested in modern storytelling (basically anyone really!), this presentation was done at Digital Shoreditch last week by Matt Locke of Storythings and talks about the transition of patterns of attention. Currently this transition is from broadcast to digital, and referred to here as the change from the Spike to the Like.

Mondelez International has struck a global mobile deal with Google. AdAge reports that it goes “beyond a traditional media impressions deal,” including “creation of branded mobile websites, training and mobile-capability building, analytics and an opportunity to opt in to Google’s mobile beta programs.”

Inspiring read about how MTV are using its connection with teens to push social change.


Most of us skip pre-roll ads online. The Centre for Prevention of Suicide used this format in an extremely interesting way to spread awareness and recruit volunteers at the same time. It’s a 2 minute video, but very impactful.

A print ad isn’t just a piece of paper, it can be a phone charger. Nivea’s Solar Ad Charger is, anyway.

Posted by Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation.


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