In the outside world: 24th May

Our round-up of interesting links this week from Anjali Ramachandran, Head of Innovation:



Google partnered with Unilever to showcase TRESemmé hair products through a new channel gadget which will enable shoppers to seamlessly move from browsing how-to videos and featured products to finding which retailers carry them, check availability, compare prices and make a purchase, all with fewer clicks than today.

Channel 4 worked with London singer Etta Bond on an experimental video that was shot in one take and then spliced into 1,347 layers using Adobe After Effects. It is a part of their Random Acts programme. It explores her struggle with insecurity and as such would not be out of place as a Dove campaign in my view!

You’ll need to translate this page using Google Translate but #foodsharefilter is a campaign by a Spanish NGO to raise awareness of famine through Instagram: it allows users to overlay a hashtag and message on food porn, typical of most Instagram users, to raise awareness of the cause.


With advertising playing a bigger role in most online platforms today, I thought this point of view on paying attention to the emotion you leave people with can apply to anything a brand does across all channels, in terms of brand voice.

Amazon launches a publishing platform called Kindle Worlds for aspiring writers of fan fiction to sell their work, starting with Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and Little Liars.

The new CEO of Newsweek, Baba Shetty, has drawn huge accolades for being at the helm of the redesign of the now digital-only publication. In this article, Newsweek talks to the creators of some of TV’s most addictive shows about what they’re doing right.

Who knew that Daniel Radcliffe could come up with such a smart and devious strategy to keep the paparazzi at bay?!


Ozu University in Istanbul used Facebook Timeline to hook prospective students by giving them a sense of what it would be like to study there.

Anyone who is a frequent user of Twitter will be familiar with the #firstworldproblems hashtag: complaining about things that sound rather silly in a developing world context. Very creative integrated campaign for the charity Water is Life.


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